We Want To Make Sure You're Happy

Not happy with your purchase?

If the product you ordered does not match the description on the packaging or on our website, you can return the item for an exchange or a refund on the purchase price within 14 days from the date of purchase.

Should the product not be in original condition, please email us before returning it as this may save you some unnecessary shipping costs. There may be a 15% service and repacking charge for any items which are returned with damaged external packaging, so please take care when packaging any returns. Proof of purchase will be required for all returns.

We recommend that you return your unwanted items using registered post or trackable courier. Items lost in transit are the responsibility of the sender so please contact us in-store, over the phone or via email before sending anything by post.

When You Receive Your Order

We try our best to ensure that all products are shipped free from defects. In the case that you do receive a faulty product upon delivery, do not panic, simply follow this procedure. Simply contact us and we will organise to have the item replaced for you at our expense.

Damaged Goods

At point of delivery
If the driver is still there, please unpack the goods and inspect for any damage to the product in the presence of the driver. If the goods are physically damaged, please contact us immediately on (08) 73253500. If the goods are obviously damaged without having to open the packaging, don’t sign for the goods. We authorise for damaged deliveries to be returned to us immediately. Most delivery drivers are usually accommodating. Don’t feel pressured to sign for an item that looks damaged.

No apparent damage to item
If the packaging is only lightly damaged or you have inspected the item and cannot see any visible damage, we recommend signing for the goods with a ‘STC’ next to your signature. This means approved with ‘Subject to Check’ of the goods.Please test the goods within 24 hours to make sure they are working correctly. Contact us immediately if there are any problems. It is important to do this within 24 hours as Courier companies will only allow damaged delivery claims if notified with 24 hours of delivery of goods.

Warranty Concerns

The manufacturer or distributor of the product handles all warranty issues. If a problem occurs with your purchased item within the period covered by the manufacturer's warranty, please contact the manufacturer/distributor for the quickest, most direct resolution of your warranty claim. If you are unsure what to do, please contact us for assistance. Please do not return the item to Atmosphere Audio for resolution without prior consultation.